Invoicing built for speed and simplicity.

No more waiting for cheques, no more depositing cheques. Just direct payments to your bank account or M-pesa.

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Automatic recurring invoices

Set up recurring invoices once and automatically send invoices to your customers during regular intervals.

Automated reminders

Spend less time following up on cheques and overdue invoices. Each invoice and digital quote has automatic reminders so your customers never miss a payment.

Convert quotes to invoice to receipts

Create a digital quote and send it to your customer. They can approve it and automatically convert it to a invoice which they can pay and automatically get a receipt . You just sit back and relax.

Simple end-to-end invoicing

How it works


Create an Invoice

Creating an invoice in Lipana takes seconds. Add taxes, discounts, custom messages and more. Your invoice will be automatically branded with your logo and colors and ready to send to your customer on email or whatsapp.


Send an Invoice

Send the invoice directly to your customers through email or their whatsapp. Track when the invoice is opened and paid.


Get paid

Your customers can pay the invoices instantly through M-pesa. Your money is available for withdrawal as soon as it is paid. No more waiting.


Simplify your operations

View all your invoices, paid,unpaid overdue, sent in your dashboard.Add your own expenses. Track everything in real time and have all your business in one place.

Lipana invoices get paid upto
5x faster than paper invoices.

Lipana invoices is built for all types of businesses


For any go-getter seeking to organize and manage their business from anywhere.


For professionals with client engagements in person or remotely.

Field Services

For any workers or teams working on the go, on site, or anywhere else.

Health & Wellness

For any office, studio, or practice with in-person and remote billing needs.


For organizations of all sizes with members or donors who need to collect fees.


For the risk takers trying to change the world and need to charge the customer


For any retailer with a physical, online, or mobile store and needs to stay on brand.

Food and Hospitality

For any restaurant, bakery, or venue with catering or customized orders.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Lipana Invoice?

Lipana Invoices is a free, all-in-one invoicing software that helps businesses request, track, and manage their invoices, estimates, and payments from one place. Our easy-to-use software will help your business get paid faster by letting you request, accept, and record any type of payment method.

How can I create a Lipana Invoice?

Send your first invoice by signing up for a free Square Invoices account. Afterwards, set up recurring payments and auto-reminders, and request deposits so you always get paid on time.

What are the benefits of electronic invoices over paper invoices?

A manual invoice process, such as creating invoices on Microsoft Word or Microsoft Excel, can be time consuming and difficult to manage. E-invoicing lets your business automate invoice processing and save time by tracking key invoice data like open invoices (also known as outstanding invoices). It also helps you manage late payments more efficiently with payment reminders you can send your customers before an invoice due date.

Can Lipana help me automate my billing system?

Lipana Invoices comes with easy-to-understand billing features that help you create recurring invoices and automatically bill your customers on a regular basis.

What methods of payments can my customers pay?

Your customers can pay an online invoice through their computer, in person, or from their mobile device with their MPESA. We are working on supporting credit cards, Google pay and Apple Pay for international customers.

How can I manage my customers better?

Lipana Invoices comes with a free customer management system,that helps your business store and manage contact information for your customers in one place. You can easily save key details like your customer’s business name, email address, and phone number for any business invoice.